Govern your data with truedat

Our solution comes from more than 8 years of experience in Data Governance consulting and development projects.

We offer a solution based on high value consulting services and opensource technologies, proved in the market that allows a very high ratio of coverage of usual governance requirements.

Once the solution is implemented, as a client, you will have a set of processes and tools to continue developing the data governance function.

Govern your Data e2e

From business definition to data quality and lineage do not let any part of data life cycle out of your data governance processes

Highly customizable

Easily customize look&feel, taxonomy, roles, business concepts types and layout, etc. Let Truedat adapt to your business and not the other way around.

Seamless navigation between modules

Navigate from business view to technical definitions, quality and lineage in a very intuitive manner

Connect your systems

Populate Data Dictionary and Lineage automatically by connecting to your systems. Truedat provides connectors to main Data Bases, ETLs and Big Data products.

Cloud or Premises

We provide different integration models, on-premises or cloud. If you prefer to concentrate on Data Governance let us manage the integration on a Cloud Plaftform.

Open Source

Truedat is built using a set of open source tools avoiding any license cost. Our microservices software design allows us to use for each challenge the best solution.

Data Understanding

Have an end to end vision of your data from a business and technical point of view. Work in an user-friendly environment with visual and easy-to-undestand tools

  • Global search tools
  • Business Glossary
  • Data Catalog
  • Data profilling
  • Lineage
Data quality, dashboard, catalog

Business Governance

Organize & enrich information through configurable workflows and monitor data governance activity.

  • Configurable management workflows
  • Quality controls management
  • Data Stewardship management
  • Enriche Data Catalog with business knowledge
  • Roles & permissions management
  • Data Quality & Data Governance Dashboards

Data Delivery

Allows to request, deliver, use the govern data in your Datalake

  • Cloud Ingestion
  • Datalake Governance
  • Deliver data to users
cloud integration

Truedat allows us to quickly unify and explore combined metadata from different sources on the same interface. This allows you to analyze better and make the best decisions. These are some of our connectors:

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