Turn your data into a true business asset

/truedat is a Data Governance enterprise solution developed by Bluetab Solutions in order to help our clients become data-driven companies.

Govern your Data e2e

From business definition to data quality and lineage do not let any part of data life cycle scape your data governance processes

Highly customizable

Easily customize look&feel, taxonomy, roles, business concepts types and layout, etc. Let Truedat adapt to your business and not the other way around.

Seamless navigation between modules

Navigate from business view to technical definitions, quality and lineage in a very intuitive manner

Connect your systems

Populate Data Dictionary and Lineage automatically by connecting to your systems. Truedat provides connectors to main Data Bases, ETLs and Big Data products.

Cloud or Premises

We provide different integration models, on-premises or cloud. If you prefer to concentrate on Data Governance let us manage the integration on a Cloud Plaftform.

Open Source

Truedat is built using a set of open source tools avoiding any license cost. Our microservices software design allows us to use for each challenge the best solution.

Define your taxonomy

Classify your data the way it makes sense for your organization. Add as many domains and levels as you need depending on the complexity of your data

Set up your Roles

Define roles and which actions can be performed by users with those Roles. Data Owner, Editor, Publisher, Director, etc. Use your own language.

Assign roles to users

Decide which users hold a position/role in a specific domain of your taxonomy. Users may have different roles/permissions on different domains or you can organize the through groups

Types of Concepts

Business Terms, KPIs, data dimensions, policies, etc. Define the types of concepts you want to manage and the set the form fields for each of them.

Search Concepts

As a data consumer, filter and quickly find the concept you are looking for. Download the filtered list to a file or perform a bulk load of concepts.

Manage the concept

Use a simple workflow to approve concepts publishing for the rest of the organization. Before publishing only users with defined roles will be able to see the changes.

Connect your data

Link your business concepts to your data allowing navigation to data dictionary features.

Import your Data Strutures

Using Truedat connectors automatically import all your metadata. Run this import periodically to mantain your metadata up to date.

Structures Details

See your data structures details, document addtional information and navigate to business glossary definitions or data lineage

Define Required Quality

Define Quality Rules related to your business concepts. Set your rule goal, threshold and quality principle to help you in further analysis.

Apply quality checks

Through easy implementations decide to which data you want to apply the defined quality rules.

Quality Reporting

Analyse your quality results against your goals. Define your quality principels and use them as additional analysis dimension.

Choose Lineage or Impact

Perform impact or lineage analysis from your metadata. Metadata is loaded in the application automatically. If you want to know the truth let the machine load your data without manual intervention.

Follow your data path

Where is your data coming from? What is the impact on changes from your data sources? Using an easy interface analyse how your data is flowing through your systems.

High-level view

Not interested in knowing the flow at the lowest level? Use drill-up/down capacities to explore the Data Lineage at the level of your choosing

Governance Dashboard

Make sense on what is happening on your Data Governance platform. Are you governing everything under your umbrella?

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